WE ARE – BALI WEB SERVICES – with legal document from Goverment ( SIUP & NIB ) TRUSTED  by our clients since early 2014, at that time we were moved and felt called to provide web services in Bali because of the more advancement of industry technology which makes it easier for business owner and industry players or StartUp players to advance the services they provide with fast precise and efficient. Until now, we develop on various types of custom website according to requests.

There are many projects that we have completed with satisfactory levels of satisfaction from our clients & there are several running projects that we are working on and we manage even up to this moment. And we are not just presenting of WEBSITE SERVICES, but closer to you as a branding partner who is READY to help your NEEDS in this digital era starting from WEB SERVICES ( Web Design & custom), Graphic Design Branding Services, until Digital Marketing Services on the island of Bali.

We try our best to provide the Best Special Service for you. In our point of view, understanding and listening to your needs is the KEY OF SUCCESS, we work together to complete the best project that you have entrusted to us. For those of you who are on the island of Bali and its surroundings, do not hesitate to consult or contact us directly for your project.

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This is IMPORTANT for you before you start teamwork with our services BALI WEB SERVICES, because we provide benefits such as:

Personal Approach

A personal approach is our MAIN part to understanding your needs and providing the best SOLUTION for your project.

Modern & Functional Web Design

We provide the best service for your project with modern website and functional WEB design and concepts.

Clear & Transparent Letter Of Contract

Our Letter of Contract is CLEAR, DETAIL, & TRANSPARENT in every clause. With a letter of cooperation, it can provide comfort between you and us, trust and work together in a professional manner.

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Andreaz Iskandar

Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada jasa web malang karena sudah menyelesaikan proyek website dari saya. Dan sekarang urusahan usaha saya banyak terbantu berkat adanya web karya JASA WEB MALANG. Terus berkarya!

Teguh Murdianto – Pengusaha

Terpercaya – Harga rasional – terbuka terhadap berbagai masukan – kemudahan dalam melakukan komunikasi – dan BERKUALITAS ! Terima kasih atas support nya selama ini, sukses selalu..!

dr. Vilda

Desainnya berkualitas, dan sesuai dengan permintaan yang kita ajukan.. Rekomen banget..


Custom Website

Providing Modern Website services & design custom from scratch in Bali, surroundings with modern, innovative, elegant, ​​interactive and functional designs, easy to use, targeted keywords with SEO & Google Analytics and includes UNLIMITED bandwith hosting & FREE domain/ years. BONUS Backlinks of the best & quality articles.

Online Store Solution

With online store, you can serve your customers virtually without any distance, space and time, without need to pay for renting a place of business, and save a lot of things. Many valuable features in it such as invoices, carts, discounts, local shipping/courier service integration features, product uploads, product management, transaction history, customer reviews, and many others.

Android Web Apps Development

Demand for Android Development applications are very high in the current era, namely the "Startup" era. Companies/business owner are required to carry out digital innovations to make it easier for clients to take advantage of the value of their services such as cashier/book keeping applications, medical applications, news portal web applications, create databases, academic/ campus system applications, and so on.

Domain & Hosting

We also provide domain hosting services at affordable prices. The features are also complete in it such as softaculous, Mysql database, sub domain, corporate own email, UNLIMITED bandwidth, VPS, cloudflare, cloud hosting, web security, SSL Certificate, server uptime up to 99.98% and many other features.

Graphic Design

We also provide graphic design services such as PREMIUM LOGO design, banner design, billboard design, poster design, company branding design and brochure design with modern and elegant concepts and serve VIRTUAL design projects!

SEO Digital Marketing

Soif your website is easy to find on search engines like Google and becomes trending especially in the first rank of searches with targeted keywords. We provide SEO for WEB services both in Off Page SEO and On Page SEO. Including to the Google Ads advertising and Social Media advertising, currently many of our regular clients take advantage of this service because TURNOVER DEFINITELY increases sharply with targeted keywords.


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Welcome to our service site!

Thank you for visiting our site BALI WEB SERVICES and entrusting your project with us. You are on the right site because our team of specialists work professionally and prioritize service quality. We as a website development service are here to give you a different experience. Let's build a productive and comprehensive digital ecosystem together.



Salam Digital, Halo saya Alvy Brands Development BALIWEBSERVICES.COM. Kami menghadirkan layanan dan platform yang sangat penting bagi pengembangan digital brands perusahaan Anda. Mari berdiskusi dengan saya mengenai hal ini.

Alvy S.

Visual Brand Development

Halo semua, Saya Olivia Sarah :). Saya adalah Finance & Managemen BALIWEBSERVICES.COM yang siap membantu Anda dalam urusan finance. Salam Digital !

Olivia Sarah

Finance & Managemen

Halo semua, saya Daniel, kedepan saya adalah partner Anda dalam melayani digital development brand perusahaan Anda bersama BALIWEBSERVICES. Salam Digital !

Daniel S. W.

Chief Marketing Officer


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Contact Us

The first stage is to contact us immediately so that you get insight & the best solution from us and also the deepening of your project to understanding your project need.

Discussion & Interview

At this stage we conduct discussions and conduct interviews to explore the project you provide and expand the solution and then focus on narrowing the project into a final and ready-to-work project.

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  • 5.

Contract + Working Process

After meeting a clear concept and planning, then at this stage is signing the project cooperation letter of contract as a form of legal cooperation and starting project work.

Web Testing & Revision

At this stage the project has been completed but it is necessary to hold a revision of the project and do testing WEB until everything is final complete and fix no errors.

Final Contract & Launch Project

At the FINAL stage, the web project is final complete and ready for immediate publish as well as the completion of the cooperation deed contract and administrative completion.


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